Spinnin At The Bar

Spinnin At The Bar

The Spin Doctor Pepsi Poco Q Ton Ace H
Poco Star
HR Lincolns Mark I Harlequins Lincoln
Bonanza Bar Cooley
LightinDriftQueeen Queen’s Ran Some Joe Queen
Miss Painted Passum
Driftbar Valentine Keko Driftbar Chex
Handy Rojo Four

Painted Horse2009 APHA stallion homozygous for both tobiano and black
Sold – thanks to Rob Hartman; Three Forks, MT

Spinnin At The Bar –  Double Homozygous Black & White Tobiano Stallion.

Spinner is still growing, so we really don’t know his full potential; but his sire is 16hh and 1300#.  We bought  in 2013 and will be getting more serious about starting to train/show him this year, so will know more about his capabilities later on.  He has a nice disposition and is a willing learner; he can be out with the mares and foals with no problems.  His first foals arrived in 2013 and didn’t disappoint.  Those that own them are very happy.

He has strong APHA and AQHA bloodlines, and even traces back to the old-time racing names.  He is listed on I know, I know – “well, those horses are all way back” but I would still argue that there is certainly a pattern that gets established when there are so many of them (many of these names are there multiple times).  Plus its just really fun to go hunting for them!  They show such versatility that I suspect there is no limit as to what his offspring can do – it would be wrong to keyhole him to a particular event/discipline.

APHA Legends: Q Ton Eagle, Skip Hi, Yellow Mount

AQHA Legends: Wimpy, Three Bars, Joe Hancock, Bill Cody, Coy’s Bonanza, Sugar Bars, Jaguar, Joe Reed, Joe Reed II, Little Joe, Joe Moore, Flying Bob, Queenie, Lightning Bar, Doc Bar, King Fritz, Old Sorrel, Piggin String, Midnight, Peter McCue, Traveler, Pretty Boy, Harmon Baker

OLD TB Race (Kentucky Derby, Belmont, Preakness only): Fleeting Time, High Time, Chicle, Bull Dog, Chicaro, Domino, Broomstick, Hamburg, Forester, Bramble, Commando, Hanover, Sweep, Peter Pan

  • Pepsi Poco: Pepsi’s offspring have earned 572 points in 12 different events, and also the NRHA Bronze, NRHA Open Championships, OCAP High Point Reiner, APHA World Wide Congress Champion, APHA Champion, ROMS, and Superiors, and other awards.
  • 8 Performers: 1 APHA Champ; 3 ROM-Reining; ROM-Pole Bending; ROM-Barrels/poles
  • Q Ton Ace: 9 Performers: 3 ROM Barrels; ROM Poles; points in Halter, Western Pleasure, Hunter Under Saddle, Jump; ROM-Western
  • Poco Star: Halter; produced offspring with ROM’s in barrels and poles
  • Queens Ran Some: points in Reining, Western Pleasure, Heading, Tie Down Roping, Heeling, Trail, Reining
  • Q Ton Eagle: Halter (2x National Halter Champion), reining (ROM)
  • Stats for horses like Joe Queen, Doc Bar, Joe Reed, etc. far too numerous to list.  You already know the speed and performance capabilities they bring to the mix!

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