We have a variety of paint and quarter horse mares – different shapes, sizes, colors – but most have a nice temperament or we wouldn’t have them around.  Most are available for sale.  We breed to outside stallions at times.  I’ll start with the oldest and count down.

Ainshe Smooth
Ainshe Smooth, “Harley”, is an easy-going, pleasant 1993 APHA sorrel overo mare who is a pleasure to be around. We raised her from six months of age; she knows her way into a pocket! She was our first “replacement” generation mare, which got us started collecting paints. She’s a “lifer” here – NEVER for sale. Her foundation breeding includes Three Bars, Moon Deck and Top Deck, Sugar Bars, Midnight Jr., King, Leo and Joe Reed. Extended pedigree on

Kinda Smooth Smooth Canuck Jet Smooth
Fantasia Miss
Bell Bar Gal Bell Boy Bar
Stylish Gal
Ainshe Fine Sprocket Mr Winters
Keleo Annie
Poggin’s Flame Poggins Scar
McKee Cutie

Ima Tyrees Peach-2008
Ima Tyrees Peach, “Peaches” is a 2000 palomino AQHA mare.  A daughter of hers is out in Washington running barrels.  She has terrific quarter horse breeding (75% Foundation).  She goes back to two different Watch Joe Jack / Tee J Black Jack crosses; she’s got speed on the bottom.  She has a bad hip so is only broodmare sound.   She will have a 2017 toby foal by Spinner.  $750   Extended pedigree on

Tyrees Dusty Watch Zans Dusty Zipper Zan Parr Sun
Zipaway Gyp
Watch The Time Moon Our Time Bar
Tyrees Honeybee
Ima Chocolate Chick Buddys Silver Bar Silver Bar Truckle
Bar Fly Dream
Ima Hard Way Vegas Hard Way
Marci Lee

Lilas Fancy, aka “Mollie” is a 2000 bay AQHA mare; she is also a moose.  I mean that in the nicest sense.   She is tall.  And massive.  She came from GJ Walker’s program; he raised several nice foals out of her. She was broke to ride in her younger years, and apparently even shown some. In addition to the obviously recognizable names like Doc Bar, Docs Dee Bar, Skipper W & Nick W, Blondy’s Dude, Zippo Pine Bar & Zippo Pat Bars, and Star Duster, her grandsire Sicilian Sunshine was one of the leading Pleasure horses of his era and one of the leading sires of Performance horses in AQHA.      $2000  Extended pedigree on

Apollos Sunshine Sicilian Sunshine Sir Raleigh
Agatha Gordon
Docs Poco Mandy Son Ofa Doc
Sassy Asset Good Asset Zippos Mr Good Bar
Miss Rebel Rita
Dee Bars Fancy Lady Doc’s Dee Bar
Juanita Duster

Isa Hep To Zip

Isa Hep To Zip

Isa Hep To Zip: Izzy is a pale palomino 2005 breeding stock APHA mare.  She is by a stallion from South Dakota, owned by McElhaney Paint and Quarter Horses.  As you see, she is quite stocky.  She’s a bit flighty, but wants to please.  She was never started under saddle as she scraped the skin off her back leg as a youngster.  She was never unsound, but it doesn’t look pretty.  When you click on her extended pedigree you’ll see Zippo Pat Bars, Poco Pine, Two Eyed Jack, and Watch Joe Jack real close up.  When I had a breed-level judge out for a visit, she spotted Izzy and pronounced her the best horse on the place!  She is going to have a 2017 toby foal by Spinner.  $1000

Extended pedigree on


JB Zippos Hawkeye Zippos Jackson Zippo Pine Bar
Lusty Joe Jackie
Tips Double Do Tip By Chance
Miss Double Do
Isa Hep Togoman Togo Mans Pride Togoman
Ginny’s Pride
Isa Blue Kokomingo
Misty Free

MoneyChexAndDiamonds – (that should be all a girl wants, right??), aka “Lumpy” is a 2007 bay APHA tovero mare. Lumpy is about 14.3 but is stocky enough to make up for it. Lumpy knows all ground work and is easy to handle. Lumpy is good to saddle and ride. She is green broke, but honest. She is quiet under saddle and willing to learn. She walks, trots, and lopes when asked. She has been ridden in a halter and an o ring snaffle. She is soft, supple and moves off leg pressure. Lumpy is ready to have someone take her and give her a job. She was shown as a 3 year old and placed well. She ties and stands for a farrier.   And with her breeding, she ought to be able to go lots of different directions.  The next row back on her papers include Tonto Bars Gill, Two Eyed Jack, Lucky Bar, Hy Diamond Buy, Bueno Chex, My Clabber, Three Bars, Easy Jet and Sparkling Native.  There’s lots of speed on the bottom; and on the top – halter, western pleasure, hunter under saddle and more, including several APHA Champions.   $3000   Extended pedigree on   video

Chamois Doc Jack Tontos Money Mighty Bar Money
Imperial Whirl
Y Not Freckles Dancing Go Man
Rodeo Jacks Lady
Pistol Little Trouble Ima Pistol Too Impressive Pistol
Miss Diamond Cap
Moons Dun Angel Moon Spots
Nodaks Angel

Citas Bandita This is “CeeCee”, Citas Bandita, a 2008 black tobiano mare out of Canada, homozygous for the black and tobiano genes.  She arrived bred to Peps By U Swiftly, also from Canada. Nothing real exciting on the breeding unless I am unaware of some more current names (which is absolutely possible!) Sold – thanks to Rob Hartman; Three Forks, MT

Roman Leo Leo San Cita Citas Perfection
Dorleska San
Mighty Rome Mighty Tuff Bandit
Cassie Roan
Winks Two Timin Class Time Target Class
Texas Cue Time
Wink On Impressive Impressive Bit
Gerties Wink



Smart Calicolena “Lena” is a black tobiano mare born in 2002.  This is another mare from Canada. I am going to have to be really careful to not mix the two up when I look at her alongside CeeCee!! She has some really strong breeding and is nicely put together. Just off her papers is Mr San Peppy, Doc Olena, Freckles Playboy; another line back is Leo San, Grey Badger III, Doc Bar, Doc Quixote, Peppy San, Poco Lena, Jewels Leo Bars and more.  Purely a broodmare, though; no handling. I look forward to seeing what she throws when bred to my stallion. Sold – thanks to Rob Hartman; Three Forks, MT 

Especialysmart Peppy Little Peppy Special Peppy San Badger
Especials Quixote
Smart And Free Smart Little Lena
Playboys Baha Zan
Chiefs Calico Rose Chief Banner Bar Black Chic Bar
Chibari Deck
Fantasy Rose Sure Skippa
Dana’s Regret


june-suncap-trim…and the newest broodmare is a 2004 Appendix Quarter Horse named June Suncap.  She raised one foal and has does basically nothing more, so she fits in here perfectly! 😮  Nothing super exciting on her pedigree other than Top Deck and Mr Bar None, along with some old racing greats, but her build far outweighs what is on her papers.

Salty Cap Capital Punishment (TB) Executioner (TB)
Princess Grundini (TB)
Salts Kitty Sue Saltys Devil 5
Slick Kitty Sue
Ambers Kitten Lear Express Top Fugitive
Bar None Kitten
Pams Bright Light Cisco Pete
Red Bank Pam

IMG_0063Skip The Bar Lets Zip – “Queenie” – This filly is an April 2014 vintage, and is huge.  As a 2-year-old, she was one of the tallest horses here!  She is going to be a fantastic horse.  She is extremely fast and athletic, really can get that hip underneath her when she moves out.  She is a very quick learner – you’d better know what you are doing!  Between her dam and sire, she is absolutely loaded with Foundation stock, from Q Ton Eagle, Skip Hi and Yellow Mount on the paint side, to Zippo Pine Bar, Joe Reed II, Doc Bar, Star Duster, and so so many more.  Extended pedigree –   $2500

Spinnin At The Bar The Spin Doctor Pepsi Poco
HR Lincolns Mark I
Lightnindrift Queen Queens Ran Some
Driftbar Valentine
Lilas Fancy Apollos Sunshine Sicilian Sunshine
Docs Poco Mandy
Sassy Asset Good Asset
Dee Bars Fancy Lady

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